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Mercer Capital began more than 40 years ago.  From the outset, we performed what we call “59-60 work.”  It was fairly universally understood by then that when one does a “50-60” appraisal, it is necessary to include a review of the national economy:

Section 4 (b) The economic outlook in general and the condition and outlook of the specific industry in particular (RR 59-60)

In Mercer Capital’s early years, we struggled with this requirement.  Our first formal National Economic Review (NER) was written in 1985.  We prepared an NER once per year until 1990.  Since 1990, it has been a quarterly publication.

Along the way, our NER gained considerable credibility among appraisers and we began to sell it to other appraisers and appraisal firms.  Why was the NER considered to be a credible source?  It was, and remains, the only regularly published economic review that is written by valuation analysts for valuation analysts.

Are you a business appraiser or other professional looking for a comprehensive resource to keep you informed on the major factors affecting the U.S. economy and one you can include in your work product? Look no further than National Economic Review!

About the National Economic Review

Mercer Capital’s team of business valuation analysts authors a quarterly overview of the national economy that consists of 15-20 pages of in-depth analysis and several pages of exhibits and charts. It covers the following:

  • General Economic Overview
  • Consumer Spending and Inflation
  • Business and Manufacturing Productivity
  • Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization
  • The Financial Markets
  • Housing Starts and Building Permits
  • Unemployment and Payroll Jobs
  • Interest Rates
  • Summary and Outlook

The “Summary and Outlook” section is ideal for inclusion in the text of appraisals and the entire review is appropriate as an appendix or exhibit to reports.

Mercer Capital uses the NER in our own valuation reports.  We use the edition for the quarter ending immediately before or on the valuation date.

Is the National Economic Review for You?

Available subscriptions include:

  • One-year (4 quarters) is only $250. That’s only $62.50 per issue.
  • Two-year (10 quarters with bonus) is just $399. But wait, there’s more.  With a two-year subscription, you will receive an additional two quarters (a total of 10 quarters).  That’s only $39.90 per quarter.  You can’t think about doing a review on your own for such prices.
  • As a bonus when subscribing, you get access to almost 40 years of historical NERs. Now you may think that you don’t need that much history.  But how about appraisals with valuation dates from a few quarters or years ago?  Now that’s when this bonus comes in handy.  Keep in mind that we charge $150 for a single issue for non-subscribers, so this bonus is a real bonus!
  • Multi-Office Subscriptions. Call or email Barbara Walters Price 901.685.2120 or to work one out.

Examine the NER and Subscribe

Take advantage of this phenomenal resource and stay ahead of the curve with the National Economic Review.

The 4th Quarter 2022 issue will be released next week (the week of February 13th) so don’t delay!

To see what a real issue looks like, CLICK HERE to download a PDF.   If you have a current report with a valuation date of December 31, 2019, or in the first quarter of 2020 (watch out for the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March of 2020), you have just received a $150 bonus.

A sample citation for this issue might be:

Source: “The National Economic Review Fourth Quarter of 2019,” as published at, accessed Month, Day, Year. Subscription required.

There are other versions of national economic reviews.  However, keep in mind that the NER is the only regularly published economic review that is written by business appraisers for business appraisers.  And, we have more historical economic reviews than any other source.  And still more, a brief review suggests that our pricing is more favorable to you than other sources for paid reviews.

For more information and to subscribe, CLICK HERE.

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