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A Message from Chris

I am a business valuation professional and business owner. I have spoken scores of times to professional associations, law firms, industry groups, and other on topics related to business value as well as ownership transition. To review a list of past speaking engagements, download my full CV here.

If you want to learn more about booking me to speak to your group, contact me directly at mercerc@mercercapital.com or contact Barbara Walters Price at priceb@mercercapital.com. The phone number for both is 901.685.2120.

Popular Topics

Chris is a frequent speaker and has been a member of the National Speakers Association for more than fifteen years. He can address your group for keynotes or breakout sessions. Listeners like to hear about any of these popular topics:

  • An Integrated Theory of Major Valuation Issues of Today
    This popular session looks at a number of seemingly discrete valuation issues, that are, in fact, connected to one another as part of an integrated whole.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements for Attorneys
    Every successful company with two or more owners has, or should have, a buy-sell agreement. Chris talks about why most existing buy-sell agreements won’t work if they are triggered and outlines what attorneys can do to assure that agreements provide for workable transactions. This popular topic is based on his book, Buy-Sell Agreements for Closely Held and Family Business Owners, which can be made available to participants with prior arrangements.
  • Demystifying Statutory Fair Value
    Statutory “fair value” is the standard of value for valuation in the dissenters’ rights and shareholder oppression statutes of the majority of states. I have testified on the fair value of equity interests at deposition and/or trial in 15 states over the last 30 years. In my experience, disagreements over the applicability (or not) of certain valuation premiums or discounts provide the source of significant differences of opinion between counsel for dissenting shareholders and, unfortunately, between business appraisers. This session covers the definition of statutory fair value; “fair value” as it is defined in New York, Delaware, and elsewhere; the appropriate roles for legal counsel and business appraisers in fair value matters; how statutory fair value and fair market value differ and the impact of the difference; the appropriateness of appraisers defining statutory fair value in terms of fair market value at a particular level of value; and what’s “fair” for buy-sell agreement negotiations applicable to statutory fair value determinations.
  • Unlocking Private Company Wealth
    Wealth in private companies needs to be managed, and owners should often be in a process of working to create liquidity outside their businesses. In so doing, they become truly independent. Talks are based on Unlocking Private Company Wealth, which can be made available to participants with prior arrangements.
  • What Every Business Owners Needs to Know About Business Valuation and Business Value
    Nearly all successful business owners will encounter requirements for obtaining independent business appraisals over their business lives. You will find this talk interesting whether you have already had experiences with business appraisal or not.

Presentation Platforms

Chris guarantees an insightful, high-energy, and high-content presentation for your group. He can speak informally to small groups, provide keynotes for larger groups, and can provide outstanding, detailed presentations for breakout sessions.

Chris can provide the same high-quality presentations in a webinar format in the event that your group is scattered or if you are between normally scheduled meetings or conferences and your group needs to hear this valuable content.

What Clients Are Saying

“Chris is a highly ranked presenter, and we invite him back every chance we get. He is a thought leader in the profession and a riveting presenter who brings his passion and teaching talent to the podium. His smarts, humor, and good spirit always guarantee a top-notch engagement.” – Lucretia Lyons, Business Valuation Resources, LLC

“Chris’s entertaining and highly informative message for business owners and advisors is drawn from his wealth of experience working with busted buy-sell agreements. His presentation, along with his book, was a huge hit with our attendees. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Eva Lang, CPA/ABV, ASA, Financial Consulting Group, LLP

“Our group of business owners very much liked your program. We both know that most private, family-owned businesses do not have proper succession, exit, and transition planning in place. Your presentation did a great job of revealing some of the issues that business owners should be addressing.” – Chris Roehm, Blueprints for Tomorrow

“The presentation and book, Unlocking Private Company Wealth, Chris shared will help completely transform my approach and dialogue with my business prospects.” – Jim Barnes, The Duke Agency, LLC

“Chris – We greatly valued and appreciated your presentation. The reviews were just superb!” – Joseph E. Frack, CPA, CGMA, Society of Financial Services Professionals