75 Years of Chris Mercer

On Wednesday, I celebrated a milestone birthday involving the numbers 5 and 7, and not in that order.  It was a great day personally, with family for dinner, and at the office.

As much for me as my readers, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about this milestone day.  I suppose this post is as much or more for me as for my readers, but it is not every day that one of us turns 75.

Personal Day Overall

It was a good day overall, beginning with waking up after an eight hours sleep night.  I love it when that happens, which is not every night.  It was freaking cold for a Florida boy, so I exercised at home, running about three miles in place and a few other things.  I ran a couple of errands on the way to the office and got there stylishly late.

I worked on a few things at the office and had a nice lunch.  A friend had invited me and another friend, whose birthday is also February 8th, to lunch at a restaurant I had not been to in perhaps 25 years.  It was excellent, as was the conversation.

The day at the office went well, but more on that later.

My daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Dave, sent a wonderful card and beautiful flowers that brightened my day.  My son, Zeno, called me and sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  That was the one and only songster of the day!  And lots of friends sent birthday wishes through calls, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

My daughter, Katherine, had invited Papa to dinner at their house, so I had dinner with her, Jimmy, my son-in-law, and my granddaughters, Adelaide and Collins Grace. Adelaide took advantage of the occasion, and I helped her with her algebra homework, which I do on a regular basis.  Collins Grace was her usual fun and boisterous self.  We had a wonderful meal and time together.

By the end of the day, I had walked 6.0 miles.  The only thing I didn’t do that might have been nice was to play pickleball, but I took care of that on Thursday!

An excellent day for Papa!

At the Office

Wednesday afternoon, I worked on a few things at the office, but I knew I couldn’t leave early.  I had been warned not to leave but to act surprised.☺  I knew things were going on out in our lobby area, but was told to stay in my place for a while longer.  Finally, I was given permission to come out of the office.

All folks in the Memphis office were there with champagne glasses in hand.  I was given a glass and walked to the edge of the circle.  Opposite me was Travis Harms, Mercer Capital’s newly-named President, my book co-author, and friend.  And he said more than a few words that were nice for me to hear.

In short, he said that he and my colleagues were happy that I had started Mercer Capital and that it has grown to what it is today – and that they now own the company through our ESOP and run it.  Matt Crow was recently named our CEO (formerly President), and has led the management of business since 2009.  Perhaps Travis was thanking me for getting out of the way!  Which I gladly did!!

Travis also said more kind words that I won’t repeat but that were nice and embarrassing to hear.  And then, Barbara Price, our chief marketing officer and my colleague and friend for some 40 years, said some more nice and embarrassing things.

They then presented me with a trophy titled “75 Years of Chris Mercer.”  You have to see it to believe it.

The engravings on the body of the trophy list almost 50 sayings attributed to me.  Apparently, I say some of the same things repeatedly.  Go figure.  A couple of them are, “Spend less than you make,” and “Have an attitude of gratitude,” and “You asked me how I feel about whiskey?”

Some, of course, relate directly to our profession and Mercer Capital in particular.  There are 46 “Mercerisms” on the trophy.  As we talked, a few more came out and I hope we can add them.

Thanks to the conceivers of this day and to all my colleagues and friends at Mercer Capital.  It is nice that you still want to have me around!

An excellent day for Chris!

Concluding Thoughts

I am so happy that we have accomplished both management and ownership transfers internally and successfully.  There were other alternatives, but our path, I believe, is the best one for me and for all 50-plus Mercer Capitalists. Whatever happens now is in their hands and I wish them all the greatest of continuing success.

I’m glad that I have a flexible job and work with people I like and respect.  I went to my place in Florida ten times last year, and am headed there for the second time in 2023 on Monday.  My home office there serves as a nice place to work when I need to or want to.  And, of course, I play pickleball almost every day when there.

Not a bad view from my “office.”

Considering the alternatives on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, it was the best day of my life!

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2 thoughts on “75 Years of Chris Mercer

  1. Chris, I join the celebration of your life and outstanding career. I have had several occasions to work with your firm and there are some professionals there who I consider the cream of the crop among the valuation community. You have made a difference in the best kind of way. All the best to you!