The Reason: Professional Services Marketing Insights from a Country Music Star and a Baseball Legend

The Reason.  That’s why clients and prospects call professional service professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and yes, business marketing experts like in those you can hire at this seo london agency.  What is the Reason?

I’m not talking about the reason giving rise to a need, like when a husband files for divorce, a demand letter is received from the IRS, there is worry about financial organization, or a lawyer tells one of your clients or prospects they need a business appraisal.  These reasons are things that can happen to anyone, including your clients and prospects, learn more at Social Boosting.

The question for today is that when a client or prospect has a reason to seek out someone with your professional skills and experience:

What is the Reason they should call you?

We gain insight into the Reason from a country music star and a baseball legend.

Randy Travis wrote these words in his song “Is it Still Over:”

Since my phone still ain’t ringing
I assume it still ain’t you

Apparently, Randy Travis (or whomever he is singing about) has not given the Reason to his sweetheart to cause her to call him.  Bad behavior?  Unrequited love?  Inattention? Physical distance?  Whatever, Randy needs to overcome these things with the Reason.

Additional insight comes from baseball legend, Yogi Berra, who, among other things said (or is reputed to have said):

If people don’t want to come to the ballpark, how are you going to stop them?

Yogi was likely talking about the Reason that people want to come out to the ballpark.  Perhaps people want to see a winning team playing in their city.  Maybe they want to see star performers.  It could be they simply are not thinking about baseball in the spring and summer.  Whatever, Yogi needed to overcome the Reason “they don’t want to come to the ballpark.”

Over more than 35 years in business, I have discovered one incontrovertible truth:

If the phone rings somewhere else other than Mercer Capital, we don’t get the business.

The Reason for me and my colleagues is simply (or not so simply) this: give the client or prospect a reason to call us.

The insight from Randy Travis and Yogi Berra regarding the Reason is basic.  They and we need to be working on the Reason why our significant others, our baseball fans, or our clients and prospects should call us, or at least, come out to our ballparks, while we can also use marketing services like a seo reseller to promote our business online as well.  The Reason could include any of one or many things for providers of professional services, including:

  • Calling a client or prospect
  • Sending a follow-up email
  • Writing a newsletter or blog directed to clients or prospects
  • Being active on LinkedIn
  • Giving a speech to groups of clients or prospects
  • Publicity using wide format printing by Craftsmen
  • And on…, but with regularity

Pick your poison, but pick and do.  Your sweetheart will not call without the Reason.  Your baseball fans won’t come to the park without the Reason.  And your clients and prospects will not call you without the Reason.

If you want more business from existing clients and new business from prospects, think about the Reason and do what it takes to communicate the Reason to them clearly and consistently over a long period of time.

Your girlfriend (or boyfriend) will call.  Your fans will come to your ballpark.  Your clients and prospects will call.  All this will happen if you give them the Reason.

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In the meantime, be well!


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