60 Days, More Than 12 Thousand Steps Per Day, Almost 6 Miles Per Day

You Can Reach Your Goal If You Are Intentional About It


60 days in a row.  That’s where I stand on my goal of reaching 10,000+ steps each day and 5 miles or more as recorded on my handy Fitbit Versa 2, my fancy pedometer of choice.  Interestingly, I did not set out with any goal for consecutive days in mind when I started this string on […]

What is a Qualified Appraisal for Charitable Gifting Purposes?

Who is a Qualified Appraiser? What is Form 8283?


If you even occasionally sign a Form 8283 for a donor/client who has made a gift of closely held business interests, it is probably a good idea to know what you are signing. This post provides an overview of the “rules” of the charitable gifting game from an appraiser’s perspective.

Two Tales of Recent Valuation Tangles with the IRS


This Valuation Video recounts two recent disputes over gift/estate tax appraisals with the Internal Revenue Service. In one case, Mercer prepared the original appraisal, which was challenged. In the second matter, Mercer was called to prepare an appraisal for Tax Court because of the unavailability of the original appraiser. You won’t read about either of them anywhere else because they settled quietly and favorably for the taxpayers.

50 Consecutive Days of 10,000 Steps Per Day

Hoping for a Few More Days in the String


There is a great deal of discussion about the benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day. This post focuses on my recent experience of reaching that level of movement for 50 consecutive days. It discusses a few lessons learned from the process, and talks about what to do if life gets in your way of that specific objective. It is still critical for all of us to MOVE!

When Is Our Next Turning Point Breakfast?

Is Your Closely Held or Family Business at a Turning Point and Do You Need to Talk?

Turning Point Sign

In this post, I discuss a very important breakfast I had some time ago with a client and friend of many years who is second generation chairman, CEO, and lead family member of a very successful, third-generation family business. That breakfast served as a turning point for him and his business and the family.

Nine Ways that Using a Fitbit Versa 2 Watch will Improve Your Health and Your Life


I have used a Fitbit or other step-tracking device regularly for more than eight years. I can say, without a doubt, that this regular use has had a significant impact on my health, my weight, and my outlook towards life. In this post, I talk about nine ways that using a Fitbit can help improve the quality of our lives.

The “Words on the Pages” of Every Buy-Sell Agreement Matter


I have long used the term of “words on the pages” of buy-sell agreements to relate to those usually too few words that describe the valuation processes called for by the agreements. A typical agreement will devote 150-200 words to attempt to describe a multiple appraiser valuation process. It is not possible to do so. There are too many things that have to be described or defined. In this video, I talk about the defining elements of any buy-sell agreement valuation process and the need for clarity in the “words on the pages” to assure reasonable processes when agreements are triggered. I also state that I have a new book in the process of finishing that will provide draft “words on the pages” that have a good chance of working. Attorneys, business appraisers, and other advisers to business owners will want this book!

Fair Market Value: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

cover image

I spoke earlier this week at the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants in King of Prussia, PA. After getting somewhat lost in the King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall by number of stores in America, I talked about simplifying complex valuation concepts for judges and juries and also about buy-sell agreements. This Valuation Video tackles one of my topics, the adage about a picture being worth a lot of words when talking about Fair Market Value.

Bank Valuation Concepts Can Influence How You Think and How You Lead

Recap from the Best Banks in America Super Conference


How can you use bank valuation concepts to influence how you think and how you lead? That’s the question that I asked in a recent session at the Best Banks in America Super Conference put on by the Emmerich Group in Minneapolis. In this video, I discuss how basic concepts of valuation can help us think about how we look at banks and how we lead when we manage those banks.