New Article: The Ideal Time to Review Your Buy-Sell Agreement

This article, authored by Nick Heinz of Mercer Capital and drawing on the information found in the book Buy-Sell Agreements for Closely Held and Family Business Owners, discusses the ideal time to review your buy-sell agreement.

The time for a comprehensive review of your buy-sell agreement is not this year or this month – it is right now. You have finished the first quarter of the year (and the end of the second quarter is fast approaching). Make it a priority now to get your buy-sell agreement out of that file cabinet and review it with your partners and appropriate professional advisors.

The article then goes on to discuss things to look for upon the review of your buy-sell agreement.  It also contains a link to the Buy-Sell Audit Checklist and information on how to download it without purchase!

It’s good advice. Don’t wait another day to review your buy-sell agreement.

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