Chiu, a Top Ten Business Divorce Case in 2015

Peter Mahler writes the New York Business Divorce blog. Last week, he published his eighth annual list, the Top Ten Business Divorce Cases for 2015. I was interested and pleased to discover that the number one case on the list was that of Chiu v. Chiu, a case in which I testified as an expert witness in 2012.

Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Wrangle Over Big-Time Buy-Sell Agreement: #1 Price and Process Reviewed

Overview of a Two Part Series Morgan Stanley and Citigroup entered into a joint venture (JV) dated as of May 31, 2009, with Morgan Stanley owning 51% and Citigroup owning the remaining 49% of the common member interests in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Holdings LLC (“MSSBH”). The JV was evidenced by the Amended and Restated […]