Billions Help me Celebrate my Birthday

It is Chinese New Year!

It is always good to have another birthday.  But this year, billions of people all around the world are helping me celebrate.  My birthday, February 8th, coincides with the Chinese New Year 2016.  It is the Year of the Monkey.

While it is my birthday, I will give a red envelope to each person there tonight who is younger than me.  That will be everyone!  One can give 1 dollar or any amount of money, but for good luck, it is better not to give anything with a 4 in it, and maybe a 2.  So I’m left with $3, $30, or $300, or $1, $10, or $100.  I’ll figure out between now and dinner how much to put into each red envelope.


My fiance, Zhixin Cathay Walker, is an American citizen, but she is a native of Beijing.  So I learn from her to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  And so many other things, as well.

I’ll talk about statutory fair value or business valuation on another day.  For today, I’m happy to be alive and healthy and to love and to be loved.  I wish the same for anyone who reads this short post.

Be Well,



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