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Buy-sell agreements are critical corporate documents.  I’ve said that many times and in three books on the topic.  This post is about a case in which the parties did not have a buy-sell agreement.  They were involved in litigation over the buyout of one 50% owner (not in management) by the other (in management). There was a trial and, following the trial, a private settlement.  I was involved in the case and so now am providing an analysis of the case.  The text of the analysis begins:

After several years of litigation involving a number of hearings and trials on various issues, a trial to conclude the collective fair value of a group of related companies known as the AriZona Entities occurred.

The Court’s decision in the AriZona matter was filed on October 14, 2014. I have not written about the AriZona matter because I was a business valuation expert witness on behalf of one side. The parties recently closed a private settlement of the matter, so there will be no appeal.

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