A Dozen Things to Try to Maintain Physical and Mental Health in Pandemic Times

Below is a list of things that work specifically for Chris Mercer. He shares these things in hopes others will find them useful. 

What are you doing to maintain physical fitness and mental sanity during these pandemic times? We’re now in the seventh week of home office at Mercer Capital, and I have to say it’s been strange. This past weekend I spent a little bit of time reflecting on what it is that I have tried to do to maintain physical fitness and mental sanity over these past few weeks.

A baker’s dozen of things to think about or just to try.

Number one, set up your home office well. I didn’t really have a home office until last weekend, weekend before last, my wife help me set this up. She put in one of her beautiful paintings, actually a couple of them and some beautiful furniture. I got everything set up and I can work pretty doggone effectively from here. So, number one, set up the home office well.

Number two, to use Zoom or Teams to communicate. And to personalize calls and to minimize isolation. It’s really easy to feel isolated in these times.

Number three, connect with two or three people every day. Might be a brother or a sister or a husband or a wife if you’re separated or an uncle or a child. It doesn’t matter – connect with two or three people every day. They’ll appreciate it, and so will you.

Number four, has to do with a daily habit. I used to drink a lot of coffee. So now I’m trying to do coffee, water, water, coffee, water, water, coffee. And when I do that I cut my coffee consumption by two-thirds – and “they” say it’s good for you.

Number five, stop work no later than 5:30 or 6:00. Particularly if you start early like a lot of people do, because you need time to rest your mind. You need time to do other things and spend time with your family.

Number six, 10,000 steps a day or some number of steps a day, but be sure that you get plenty of exercise. I’ve been on a kick of 10,000 steps a day for more than a decade, as many of you know. Today, by the way, is my 135 consecutive day of 10,000 or more steps.

Number seven, this one was meddling for me because it’s really hard to start in pandemic times–particularly when your wife’s a wonderful cook like mine is! That is one plate per meal. One plate per meal. Seconds and thirds add pounds and sluggishness. So what I found is that if I just limit myself to one plate, life is a little bit better, and it’s good for weight control.

Number eight, was meddling for me for sure because it’s two drinks a night. Two drinks a night rule. So you need to limit your drinking. Because that’s  good for blood pressure, it’s good for weight control, it’s good for sanity, it’s good for a lot of things.

Number nine, read a novel. I read one to two novels a week on my phone. I find that it’s refreshing. It takes my mind off of a lot of other things.

Number ten, get about 8 hours of sleep a night. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up about the same time everyday. And if I follow that routine, I feel better physically and mentally.

Number eleven, I didn’t do this for the first few weeks, but, attend your church services online. It’s amazing how connected it made me feel to go to church this past Sunday.

A couple of negatives.

Number one, don’t fall into the “I need a snack” trap. I don’t need a snack. I may want a snack. Those snacks just like those second and third plates add pounds and sluggishness. So try to avoid that trap.

Number two, on the negative side, don’t watch too much TV. If you watch too much TV, it’s like sucking your brain right out of your head. At least that’s the analogy that I make.

So to recap:

  • Set up home office
  • Use Zoom to communicate
  • Connect with two to three people a day
  • Coffee, water, water, coffee
  • Stop work at 5:30 or 6 o’clock
  • 10,000 steps per day or exercise regularly
  • One plate rule at meals
  • Two drinks rule at night
  • Read a novel
  • Get about 8 hours of sleep each night
  • Go to church services online

It will be rewarding.

And a couple of things I don’t recommend:

  • Don’t fall into the “I need a snack” trap and
  • Don’t watch too much TV

Now, this is Chris Mercer. This is not a Valuation Video. It’s probably a Values Video, but I am in the business appraisal business, so if you have business appraisal questions, don’t hesitate to call me. You can reach us at mercercapital.com or chrismercer.net. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Good day.

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